Call for Submissions

Here at Airplanology, one of my favorite features has become the Aviation Photo of the Day. A pretty airplane, a short (sometimes long) blurb about it, and my daily dose of av-geekery is complete. It’s fun to look at and it’s fun to produce.





The vast majority of my APOD photos come from my personal archive of photos taken on flights and at airshows. But I know that many of you have awesome aviation photos too!

So here’s my proposal: send me your aviation photos, and I’ll post them here with full credit to you and a link to your website or social media page of choice. Your photo will be seen and loved, you get free publicity, and I get free content: everybody wins!

Submissions can be e-mailed to airplanology at gmail dot com, or sent to me via twitter @airplanology. You can also post to my wall on Facebook or post to the Airplanology page on G+.

Thanks, and Avgeek Away!



2 thoughts on “Call for Submissions

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