Update for July 25

Florida has welcomed me back with open arms. The lush vegetation, the thick humid air, the late afternoon thunderstorms and the phenomenal opportunities to see marine birds have kept me quite happy since my return to the great expansive swamp.

My return to the skies, however, has been postponed by fiduciary gremlins. Moving across the nation is an expensive proposition. Between moving, sorting out bills, a weird gap in pay, and an unexpected medical expense, I’m missing the magical green paper that makes airplanes fly.

But things are on the up and up. My co-pilot in life and I have made a five-year plan, and one of my top priorities is to get back in the air and stay there. Things are finally stabilizing. I suspect that the timing will work out perfectly: I should be able to afford to fly right around the time the weather in Florida shifts from thermonuclear to merely extremely hot.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting my annual itch to make changes and re-invent my blog persona. With that in mind I’ve created a short survey. It’s only four questions and it would help me figure out what direction to take this in. If you’d fill it out I’d be much obliged.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

Thanks for helping. Things are looking up. And I’m looking skyward.


4 thoughts on “Update for July 25

  1. By your picture I think I’ve got about forty years on you maybe more. I can only say been there, done that. The health problems are be a set back but in most cases can be overcome. Just keep on keeping on and it and will come. Good Luck.

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