Relocation Complete

At long last the dust has settled. Florida has welcomed me back with open arms and things are finally settling out.

I had hoped to fly again before the end of June, but the financial impact of the move has been worse than I anticipated. Between moving expenses and some required maintenance on the car, my flying budget has been somewhat anemic. By which I mean nonexistent.

But that’s a minor setback. A few more weeks and things should stabilize out nicely, and if I’m lucky I’ll be flying again before July is out. There’s a nearby airfield that has a fleet of Cessnas just waiting for me to fly them.

Meanwhile, I’m going to start getting into the local aviation scene. I hope to begin attending some of the local EAA meetings, AOPA safety seminars, and any other aviation meetings I can find.

Despite the minor budgetary setbacks, I believe this move will be good for my aviation future. The short-term game is not optimal, but in the long term, moving back to the swampland will bring me more flying experience and put a few more hours in my logbook. It’s hot as hell, but I’m glad to be back in the swamplands. Like the citrus, the flying here is abundant and sweet. Just a few more weeks and I’ll be free to fly.


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