Relocation: In Progress

Greetings loyal readers:

The relocation to Florida is almost complete. I and my feline companions are here, as well as a small and condensed version of my stuff. The remainder of my stuff is in transit and should be here within a week or two.

Work begins this coming week, with orientation expected to take the better part of a month. It could take longer, but with almost a decade of experience in the industry I anticipate a somewhat condensed period of training. I will be performing tasks at my new job that I have not performed in a few years so there will likely be recurrent training.

And speaking of recurrent training, I should be FLYING again soon! At the moment it looks like the income stream will be stabilized and balanced out by the end of June, at which point I should be able to head out to my local airport and get a rental checkout. I prefer my wings on the bottom, but the nearest flight school has a nice and inexpensive fleet of 172’s available for rent, so I may be flying wings-high for now.

Once the rental checkout is complete I’ll be flying as regularly as I can afford. Never as much as I want, but always as much as I can afford.

I look forward to being aloft again. I’m planning some cool flights to take once I’m checked out, and I can’t wait to share them with you here!


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