Big Changes Afoot

It looks like big changes are afoot here at Airplanology HQ. After a long period of chaos and stagnation and frustration following the CTI school / FAA BQ crisis, things are finally breaking up in a way that will bring positive changes in my direction.

I’ve accepted a job offer back in the swamplands of Florida. It’s not an aviation job, but it’s a stable job with decent pay. Among other benefits, I should be able to get back into the air! I’ve found an FBO that rents some nice 172’s, and after I settle in some I’d like to get a VFR checkout and get back to flying for fun.

My goal is to have four or five pleasure flights, then buckle down and begin the hood work for my instrument rating. I’ve been a VFR pilot for four years and it’s high time to upgrade my skills and enter the awesome world of instrument flying. The instrument rating is truly indispensable.

So posting may continue to be a bit light around here for the next several weeks. I’ll be packing, coordinating the logistics of the move, and settling in. But with any luck I will soon be documenting my brief respites from gravity with new flying photos or videos.

Wish me luck!



11 thoughts on “Big Changes Afoot

    • Thanks for publicizing this, Rob. I and the other CTI grads who are on the hook appreciate any attention we can get. I’ve seen this floating around on the internet and I’m glad that I could help inspire the podcast!

      • Happy to help Ben. Blogs like yours are where I find the best ideas.

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