APOD: Bayflite

Medical helicopters are a great asset for EMS providers. When every second counts, when the time to transport a critically injured human being by ground would prove fatally long, helicopters come to the rescue. 


In my career in the hospital, I’ve seen countless lives saved by the gift of air transport. Many patients would not have survived their traumas, or would have had much lower chances of survival, were it not for the men and women who fly these fantastic machines.


As with anything aviation, it is a calculated risk. There have been mishaps, but the ratio of lives saved to lives lost leaves no doubt that medical helicopters are invaluable assets for EMS providers, and by extension for the public at large.


So next time you hear the clattering thunder of rotor blades in the sky, look up and say a  thank you to an EMS pilot for the life-saving work that they do.


3 thoughts on “APOD: Bayflite

  1. And here’s a shameless plug. Anyone who wants an inside the cockpit look at the work these Air Med helicopters and crews do, check out my book, The Sky Behind Me, a Memoir of Flying and Life, available on Amazon in paperback & digital editions. In twenty years of Air Med flying at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics in Iowa City, Iowa, I flew 3,200 patient missions in all manner of weather, day and night, in some of the most hostile conditions to be found in aviation. TSBM details many of the gripping, frightening, gratifying and intriguing missions I flew in those twenty years.

      • Ben: I’ll keep you posted. If you have a flying story for me, I’ll sure take a look. It could end up in the anthology, and get word out about your blog. Also, if you’d pass the request along to other pilots/crews I’d appreciate it. The book I’m assembling now is volume #1, and hopefully there will be others. As I mentioned, the proceeds will go to Angel Flight. Thanks for putting this on the blog!

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