L-39: Jet Blast Warnings

One of my favorite things about aviation is the proliferation of simple yet ominous warning labels on things. For example, the ubiquitous NO STEP. What happens if we do step there? Does the airplane self-destruct? Does a tiny boxing glove on a spring come out and whack us in the nether regions? Nobody knows, because we follow the instructions and we don’t step on a NO STEP.

EXPERIMENTAL is another of my favorites, of course. Certification is for wimps and commies. Real pilots fly EXPERIMENTAL aircraft: home-built, home-designed, often better-performing though sometimes more lethal than their certified counterparts.

But jets have the coolest labels. For instance, this one, taken from an L-39 Albatros:



I think this would look smashing on a shirt, actually. Don’t you agree? Perfect for airshows!


Buy Me!




I could use this warning label at work. Meetings and conversations there are full of hot exhaust, as are a great many of my co-workers. I’m sure you all can relate. But I digress.

Another good one from the L-39 is BEWARE OF BLAST. Again, this could be useful in all sorts of contexts.



I don’t have a lot of other aircraft warning-label photos, but I may start making more. Any of you readers have a good or humorous aviation warning label or placard to share?


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