APOD: Greg Koontz’ Decathlon!

Greg Koontz' Super-D!

Greg Koontz’ Decathlon!

One of my favorite aerobatic airplanes is the Decathlon.

Personally, I think the Decathlon has a lot of curb appeal. It looks like a regular airplane, with a down-home K-Anywhere airport appearance that makes it feel more real. But underneath the docile exterior is an airplane that needs to be treated with respect, for in the right hands it is capable of taking you for a wild ride.

A lot of newer aerobatic airplanes look too specialized to be fun for anything other than airshow flying; the Decathlon seems like the kind of plane you could actually enjoy. With it’s 520-foot takeoff roll and 210hp engine, you can actually use it at small airports and maybe even afford to fly it! With +6/-5g tolerances, you can do full-fledged aerobatics. Unlike a lot of show planes, you could take it up for a short hop across town, bring a friend for an hour of loops and rolls, and then go get lunch and then fly home upside-down.

On second thought, it might be smarter to do the inverted stuff before lunch…



One thought on “APOD: Greg Koontz’ Decathlon!

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the virtues of the Decathlon. An all-around great aircraft for learning, enjoying, and sharing the wonders of aerobatics, tailwheels, and flyng in general.

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