The Long Hiatus is Over

I’m baaaack…

The long silence is broken. I grew frustrated with my disorganization and put the blog down for a while, but ultimately I missed writing about flying. I’m reinvigorated and ready to write.

To those of you whose emails have been neglected: responses are forthcoming. To my loyal readers, I hope my lengthy disappearance hasn’t alienated too many of you.

Flying News

In flying news, I’ve been having trouble getting stick time lately. Despite my love of the Archer I was renting from Northwest Flyers, budget constraints forced me to switch to a 152 out of Poplar Grove; worsening budget constraints then forced me out of the air altogether. It’s sad to say it, but unless I win the lottery it looks like I’m going to be grounded for a year or two. I had hoped to begin work on my IFR, but…no dice right now.

FAA News

Since graduating from ATC-CTI school in May, I’ve been waiting to hear about FAA hiring. The government shutdown and sequestration caused the FAA to halt hiring and training, which kind of sucked for me since I have a very limited time before I age out of eligibility. However, rumor has it that the FAA is preparing to hire this spring, so I have a glimmer of hope that I might get selected for training. If nothing happens by June 2015 I’m back to square one, but with a boatload of student debt. Hopefully this works out for me as my current career in healthcare is very disappointing in many ways.


I have a couple of beautiful APOD submissions in the pipeline, and a guest article waiting to launch as well. Any readers with great airplane photos or who have something they’d like to say to the Airplanology audience should drop me a line at, or shoot me a tweet @rotatingbacon.

Thanks for hanging in there, readers! More to come.


6 thoughts on “The Long Hiatus is Over

  1. Renting was too much here as well, so I gambled by buying a cheap EX-AB. It only costed me as 80 hours of a rental Cherokee. If I can put 50 hours on it in the first year, and about that next year, I’m already ahead.

    • Once my financial picture improves some I’d love to buy…longer-term, I really hope to build an RV or a Sonex for myself. A friend of mine bought a Cherokee 140 and loves it…

  2. Ben, It’s great to hear from you. I thought I messed up my emails or something. If you see Russ Kuhlen, a resident of Poplar Grove, tell him Mike Young says hey. Everyone there should know Russ, he’s a hoot. He flys 777’s for United and a Citabria for fun. I only see him at Oshkosh… Should change that since C77 is a good day XC from NE Ohio. Good Luck with the FEDS!

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