B-17 Taxis In

Since we’re sharing B-17 photos this week, here’s one of Aluminum Overcast taxiing in after a beautiful landing at Oshkosh. They generally shut down the two inboard engines for taxi, I assume to conserve fuel and save engine time. With Avgas at $6 or so a gallon, who can blame them? I wish I could shut down my one and only engine for taxi…it would save me a few bucks.

Do any of you readers have a B-17 photo you’d like to share here? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “B-17 Taxis In

  1. Ben,

    Did you see the Aluminum Overcast try to land at AirVenture on Wednesday afternoon during the squall? I was on final for 36 and was being knocked around like a J3. I watched in awe thinking I was about to see a bad accident. Fortunately they aborted the landing attempt and headed east towards Lake Winnebago. Releived to see they made the correct decision. Flyable B17’s are to few to take chances with,,,

    • I missed that, but that must have been quite a sight to see…I’m glad they went around and loitered instead, I’d hate to see Aluminum Overcast overcome by injury.

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