APOD: P-38 & P-40 Formation!

Aviation Photo of the Day: P-38 & P-40!

A P-38 Lightning flies with a P-40N and P-40E owned by the Warhawk Air Museum in Nampa, ID. Photo: Chris Oquist.

Today’s awesome aviation photo comes from Mr. Chris Oquist, who got to see this formation in Nampa, ID!

I was looking through some photos I had taken while on vacation last summer to visit friends in Idaho. Lo and behold, I came across the pictures I had taken at a small airshow in Nampa, Idaho (the Warhawk Air Museum, to be precise), where a P-38 Lightning was the guest of honor. Not only did we have the chance to see it up close and personal, we also had the opportunity to watch it fly in formation with a P-40N and a P-40E (both of which belong to the museum).

Needless to say, it was quite exhilarating and my first time seeing a P-38 in person—and hearing it. Or, at least, trying to hear it. I had been told it had a reputation for being comparatively quiet to other fighters of the area. A trip to Wikipedia, among other sources, suggests this is indeed the case and I’d say it when the three craft were in formation, the P-40s easily masked the beautiful sound of the P-38 (well, all the sounds that afternoon were beautiful). Of course, calling it “quiet” is a misnomer, as was pointed out by a few kids in our group, who clapped their hands over their ears when it flew low above the hangers where the crowds were gathered.

Photo by Chris Oquist, a private pilot and web developer at Banyan Pilot Shop in South Florida. He is an avid blogger and article writer whose expertise includes aviation headsets and other pilot supplies, such as flight bags. As an aviation enthusiast, Chris is passionate about sharing his knowledge on all-things-aviation.

Thanks, Chris!


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