APOD: Three Biplanes

APOD: Three Biplanes

Two Stearmans fly formation with a Waco on a sunny afternoon in this photo from Oshkosh 2013.

There’s something appealing about the notion of flying an open-cockpit biplane. We live in an age where we insulate ourselves from the sensation of flight in automobile-inspired climate-controlled cabins surrounded by electronic gadgetry. A quest to be like the birds has made us more like machines.

Certainly, modern amenities add comfort and situational awareness that was lacking in the often-lethal glory days of flight. But it seems that what we’ve gained in terms of modernity has come at the expense of romance and glory.

I think Oshkosh invigorates aviators so because it reminds us why we fly on a more primal level. At least for me, experiencing aviation like this brings me back in touch with that element of glory that seems somewhat lackluster in modern flight.


4 thoughts on “APOD: Three Biplanes

  1. I was able to fly a Stearman a few times, as well as a Fairchild PT-19. That was fun!! They are completely different. The PT-17 drops link a rock when you cut the power, and the PT-19 glides forever 🙂

    Loved the feeling of the open cockpit!

    • That is too cool! Must have been an awesome experience to get time in some classics of aviation. I’ve never flown open-cockpit, but I may have a chance to fly open-door in a cub before too long.

      • I did that and you will like the cub! I did most of my limited tailwheel flying in a Taylorcraft. Made me appreciate the Arrow 🙂

        I keep looking to do my biannual in a tailwheel but they are hard to find.

      • I don’t know how far you’re willing to go, but I did my PPL at Tailwheels, Etc. They’re based at KLAL and they have a Champ that they do tailwheel instruction in.

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