APOD: Airventure all year!

APOD: Airventure all year!

I think I may have enough photos from Airventure to post a new APOD almost every day until Airventure 2014 comes around. We shall see!

This beautiful P-51 Mustang was spotted in the Warbirds sector of Airventure 2013. I could have spent days in Warbirds alone, but with acres and acres of airplanes to ogle I found myself wandering to the tune of five or six miles a day…

If you’re an aviation enthusiast or a pilot and you have never been to Oshkosh you need to go. It’s indescribable: thousands and thousands of airplanes, each one with a story, each one a little unique in it’s own way, and thousands and thousands of aviation people to talk with. It’s like mecca for airplane geeks, and everybody who flies or like flying machines needs to get there at least once.

More photos to come! Watch this space. And as always, if you have a photo you’d like to submit, just drop me a line!


One thought on “APOD: Airventure all year!

  1. I’ve demanded to my boyfriend that we go next year. He’s been and I wanted to go this year, but it’s a popular week to take vacation at his company, shocker!

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