Back to Reality: coming home from Oshkosh

After another spectacular celebration of all things aviation, I have left EAA’s Airventure and come home to Chicago.

Home isn’t the right word. Really, this place isn’t home for me at all. Arriving at Airventure felt like coming home to  a place where everyone can share in their love for aviation and people get along. Arriving in Chicago is almost exactly the opposite. 

Regardless of my back-home blues, I had a blast at Oshkosh. I saw thousands of airplanes, learned a lot of new things, talked to some fascinating people, and snapped well over a thousand photographs. Some of them were even good! Look for them here in the days to come. 

Oshkosh also reinvigorated my desire to fly. Once I have a better financial picture I will be airborne again. On a related note, I will also be ramping up my studying for my ADX certificate. 

Oshkosh also got me thinking about my tiny blog and it’s lack of direction. I will likely be making some changes around here over the next several months and trying to find ways to improve. As always, I welcome constructive criticism and comments. 

Keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down. 


3 thoughts on “Back to Reality: coming home from Oshkosh

  1. I have a great deal of respect for anyone who flies into Wittman Field during that show. And yet they never seem to have problems dealing with traffic, landings, takeoffs etc. It tells me the EAA folks and FAA work well together and everyone keeps their head out their shorts flying around there. Great show, and starting to see more helicopters there all the time.

  2. Ben, I enjoy Airplanology as it is now!!! Thank you for your efforts here!!!! Keep the pics and comments coming. I know you want to improve but IT IS GOOD!

    I too had a blast flying to, camping under wing, flying home from AirVenture and everything in between. Dwelling in the afterglow I’ll probably wear my blue wristband another week trying hold on to the memories that will all to quickly be dissolved by reality. Would have been great to have met you there. Did I miss a planned meet’n’greet session? i was fortunate to be there 9 days. And was lucky to drive trams every afternoon and carts on Friday and Saturday morning so if you rode the trams then we might have been close. So many great people and planes… TWO NIGHT AIRSHOWS! Do they have those anywhere else. And Zaugs be gone I enjoyed the food for the first time in a long time from a plethora of new food vendors. EAA made a great move there. I even gave a cart ride to 3 of the GREAT LADIES from OPERATION THIRST that make thousands of sandwiches for the thousands of volunteers who make AirVenture work. So many great things happen there every day I think I need to write a daily journal cause the memories unfortunately vanish. AirVenture, another wonderful thing airplanes have given us.

    AirVenture should give you plenty of great content enough to last the time as we mark off the days to AirVenture 2014.


    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the kind words! I really do appreciate it.

      I never did get around to setting up a Meet & Greet this year, but perhaps at Airventure 2014?

      That’s awesome that you volunteered to drive the trams. Volunteers like you keep Oshkosh going and I have tremendous respect for the work they do. I was lucky enough to stay at Oshkosh for a full week this year, Sunday to Sunday in Camp Scholler. And it was an awesome year! Good weather (if slightly chilly), better food, and a TON of cool airplanes.

      I have about 1,000 photos and about 1/3 of them are actually good. So I have enough material to keep the APOD going for another year at least! I might head out to the annual Stearman fly-in in Galesburg, IL this year too, which should give me another few dozen photos.

      Thanks again for the kind words, and I’m glad you enjoyed Oshkosh too!


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