Aviation Photo of the Day: Connie at Temora

Ladies and gentlemen, behold today’s aviation photo. Has there ever been an airplane quite so striking as the Lockheed Constellation?

Lockheed Constellation. Credit: David Foxx.

Lockheed Constellation. Credit: David Foxx.

Nope. The Connie is one of a kind.  I would argue that she is one of the most well-styled aircraft in aviation history. This particular constellation was photographed by Mr. David Foxx, at the Warbirds Downunder show at Temora Aviation Museum, New South Wales, Australia.

Per Mr. Foxx:  ” ‘Connie’ is VH-EAG, Lockheed C121-C (cn 4176), built for the USAF in 1955 and serving as 54-0157 until June 1977. She now flies as a Super Constellation with the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) in Australia. “

Special thanks to David Foxx for today’s photograph. Mr. Foxx is a professional writer, amateur pilot, enthusiastic photographer and absolute aviation lover from Adelaide, South Australia. He is the mind behind Airscape Magazine. Thanks, David!


2 thoughts on “Aviation Photo of the Day: Connie at Temora

  1. Ben: Wonderful shot of the old Connie. Many years ago I had the (pinch-me-awake) opportunity to fly one of these wonderful old machines. After an airshow in Iowa City I tagged along with the crew to Sioux City where their next show was to be. Halfway across Iowa the captain let me take the left seat and the controls for about twenty minutes. Can you say delirious? One thing I remember is what a handful of airplane it was. People walking around in back upset the trim, so I had to make adjustments all the time. No autopilot, so I got to thinking about those pilots who flew Connies across the oceans, and how tiring that would have been. Tremendous experience, though, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Heck, I didn’t even have a ride home from Sioux City, but I didn’t care.
    Byron Edgington, author of The Sky Behind Me, a memoir of Flying and Life.

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