Aviation Photo of the Day: UH-1H

Today’s photo was sent to me by Mr. Byron Edgington. Ladies and Gentlemen, the UH-1 Huey!

UH-1 2

Perhaps the most recognizable helicopter in the world,  the Huey gained a reputation for toughness and versatility during the war in Vietnam. The Huey hauled troops, evacuated the wounded, and carried weapons platforms for search-and-destroy missions.

An emblem of the 60’s, it is a testament to the solid design and flying of the Huey that it was still seeing active military use in some nations into the early 2000’s. Although it is no longer a combat aircraft the Huey still flies. It would be an awesome AvGeek experience to ride in one of these birds and experience a piece of aviation history that is highly visible in the collective consciousness yet frequently overlooked.

My special thanks to Byron Edgington for this photograph. Mr. Edgington flew helicopters commercially for almost forty years, starting with Vietnam combat flying, then all over the world. He has herded bears in Alaska, doused forest fires, counted power poles, and hovered across O’Hare International one afternoon in a JetRanger. He flew 3,200 medical patients as an Air Med pilot in Iowa. His final assignment was tour flying on Kauai, where I flew 2,500 tours of the island. In 2005 he quit flying, went back to college and earned a degree in English. He now writes full time, and his memoir The Sky Behind Me, a Memoir of Flying and Life was published in November and is available at Amazon in paperback & digital editions. He also blogs at The Sky Behind Me.


2 thoughts on “Aviation Photo of the Day: UH-1H

  1. I was lucky enough to fly two high performance helos because my friend flies medvac for the local hospital! These folks are not only performing an important service for their fellow man, but are some of the finest pilots I have ever met!

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