Aviation Photo of the Day: Maule 366FS

Long-time readers will know I have a soft spot for amphibians. Flying offers a certain degree of freedom to the pilot, but flying an amphibian amplifies it: being able to land in a lake on purpose and re-use your airplane after the fact really opens up a lot of possibilities.


With July 4th coming and the summer barbecue season in full swing, a Maule on floats would be an excellent way to get around. Take off to your friend’s beach house, then when you tire of the company of others simply zip off to a remote lake for some plane-side camping. Call in sick and go fishing off your floats. Ah…

My heartfelt jealousy to the owners of 366FS. If you’re ever up here in Illinois I know a guy who’d love to buy you some gas in exchange for a ride.


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