Aviation Photo of the Day: Ramped

Having obtained my FAA medical certificate with no major issues, I am no longer grounded!

Though I am legal to fly, budget issues here at Airplanology HQ have me ramped for the foreseeable future.


Legal to fly but short on funds. Ramped…

Part of it is for a good cause: my June flying budget went to a trip home to Maine, and much of July will be going to fund my excursion to Oshkosh. This when my flight school has two new airplanes to fly and OpenAirplane is open for business…typical!

But it’s not all bad. On my recent trip home to Maine, a friend was kind enough to bring me along for a flight in the mountains of western Maine and eastern New Hampshire in his airplane. The scenery in Maine puts flying in the midwest to shame…just a gorgeous place to be airborne. Look for more from my trip in the days to come, and more of the usual nonsense you’ve come to expect from Airplanology!



2 thoughts on “Aviation Photo of the Day: Ramped

  1. You should do a MEET BEN event at AirVenture for all your blog followers! Bring a tent and you can camp under the wing of my C-170B in Classic Aircraft camping area… great place to camp!
    Be there ALL WEEK! The only way to do AirVenture…

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