Aviation Photo of the Day: Final

No, it’s not the final Aviation Photo of the Day; while all good things must come to an end I plan to be publishing Airplanology for the foreseeable future. Rather, it’s a photo taken on short final, flying my trusty Piper into runway 11 at 06C on a beautiful late-summers day.


Due to some changes in the overall financial picture here at Airplanology HQ, I’ve been unable to fly as much as I’d like to recently*. My supply of enthralling new material has therefore been running a little low. That said, all things pass, and I foresee myself being airborne again soon enough. There’s a new Arrow down at Northwest Flyers with my name on it…next time I fly I can finally get my high power/complex endorsement out of the way!

*I’ve never flown as much as I’d like to; just less than usual now I suppose.


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