Aviation Photo of the Day: “…smoother than a fine whiskey in a teflon glass.

After a brief absence (due to an exceptionally arduous long weekend at work) I am back and better than ever!

Today I bring you a photograph taken on a memorable flight in Maine. It was overcast but silky smooth, one of those winter days where the overcast tames the sky and the cool air makes your wings happy.

My friend and I flew out over central Maine, to the seacoast region near Brunswick and then out towards the mountains in western Maine. Maine is an expansive state, but in the Piper the distances seemed negligible…


Flying over Thompson Lake, the water was just as still as the air. The photo doesn’t do the view justice, and if I take a thousand flights over the lake it may never look quite the way it did on this flight.

The privileges of the pilot are many; but one of the best has to be seeing the world from on high in a way that few people ever will.


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