Robot Bird Drones: The Future is Now!

Over the last several years, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – Drones, in the popular parlance – have become more and more part of the world of flight. With the advent of Predators, Reapers, quadcopters, and more, the 2010’s are shaping up to be the Decade of the Drone.

We’ve already seen huge, clunky, overgrown-RC-airplane drones. The next step in drone tech is biomimetic drones: drones that fly like bumblebees or mosquitoes or birds. Don’t scoff and say it’s too far-fetched to happen, because as the folks at sUAS News will tell you, the robot-bird future is NOW.


This thing looks legit. On close inspection the wings do seem to have a sort of unnatural, marionette-like motion to them; but at a glance, this thing would pass for a generic gull-size avian.

Normally, I’d wax poetic about the awesome powers of engineering and the marvel of flight and whatnot; but in light of the recent revelations regarding the NSA and the near-complete erosion of American civil liberties, I’m not really in the mood.

Next time you see a bird, smile; you’re being watched.



2 thoughts on “Robot Bird Drones: The Future is Now!

  1. I can’t tell how it flies. I know with smaller flying things they use almost a swimming motion in the air. Just flapping will not work and I don’t see the up down swimming like motion I would think was required.
    Air needs to be moved over and under the wings.

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