The pattern of one’s fate…

“Tell me now, Howe, since you are older and wiser, by what ends does a man ever partially control his fate? It is obvious from the special history of our kind that favorites are played, but if this is so, then how do you account for those who are ill-treated? The worship of pagan gods, which once answered all this, is no longer fashionable. Modern religions ignore the matter of fate. So we are left confused and without direction.

Let us admit, then, that the complete answer may only be revealed when it can no longer serve those most interested…

…At least let us admit that the pattern of anyone’s fate is only partly contrived by the individual. And let us now remember that a wealthy gambler once said the essence of his success is in knowing when to quit.”

Ernest K. Gann, ladies and gentlemen. If you have not yet read Fate is the Hunter you are under orders to go out immediately and do so. It is easily one of the best aviation books I have ever read.


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