Pilot Detentions: This Isn’t America

Pilot Detentions: This Isn’t America

Via Robert Goyer at Flying Magazine comes a well written blurb on the recent spate of unwarranted detentions of G.A. pilots by the Federal government.

Whatever program is prompting the stopping of pilots who apparently just happen to fit a profile of flight needs to stop. If the purpose is to interdict drug traffic, it’s not worth it. If the purpose is to stop terrorists flying small airplanes across the country (a laughable premise), it’s not worth it. If the purpose is to just see if the feds can catch some random bad guys with a software filter and a swat team, it’s not worth it.
If we’ve learned anything about freedom in this grand experiment we’ve all been engaged in, it’s that there is no perfect security in a free state. Indeed, we need to tolerate a certain level of uncertainty in order to be free. That means the government needs to get their noses out of our flight plans — unless they have a really good reason to do otherwise.

Read more at http://www.flyingmag.com/blogs/going-direct/isnt-america#dUgwoGiWUG6d3LeE.99

This is extremely disturbing. One of the fundamental rights that Americans have is the right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure, and the right to travel without molestation from one place to another. The road we are on seems to be leading towards a ‘papers, please’ police state, and I for one am outraged. Write your congressperson, pilots. Take action before they take away our rights.


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