Awesome Aircraft Video: Behold the Typhoon!

Behold the Typhoon!

Here in the U.S., I don’t hear a lot of buzz about the Typhoon. Maybe that’s because we don’t fly it; maybe we’re secretly jealous of it. If it were the latter, I could understand why.

The Typhoon is fast, beautiful, and lethally effective. The design is eye-catching, with that huge wing surface and the canard; and though it’s hard to get a sense of scale and speed in the video, it certainly appears to fly like a fighter’s fighter. BAE marketing conveys a sense of tremendous performance:

  • Powered by two Eurojet EJ200 engines providing an excellent combat thrust-to-weight ratio in excess of 1.2:1 with 30% thrust growth available.
  • Typhoon’s robust design and Flight Control System enables the pilot to fly aggressively to outmanoeuvre enemy aircraft under all combat conditions.
  • Brakes off to take off in less than 8 seconds and supersonic under 30 seconds.
  • Brakes off to 36,000 feet Mach 1.6 in under 2½ minutes.

I have even heard heretical whisperings that the Typhoon has out-performed the F-35, which is not a huge surprise given the F-35’s short yet troubled history.

The Typhoon, ladies and gentlemen. Look for more to come on this beautiful machine very soon.


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