National Air Cargo 747 Crashes

This Monday morning, a National Air Cargo 747 hauling freight for the Department of Defense stalled and crashed on departure from Bagram AFB, in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Scuttlebutt is that part of the load, possibly an armored vehicle, broke loose from its restraints and rolled back, shifting the center of gravity out of bounds and causing a loss of control. All seven souls aboard were killed.

The video is difficult to watch. For all the beauty and inspiration I find in aviation, it can be random and deadly. Sometimes you can break the accident chain; sometimes your fate is sealed and out of your hands. That is an uncomfortable thought.

My thoughts and sympathies are with the crew and their families.


One thought on “National Air Cargo 747 Crashes

  1. From the video, that theory makes sense. Very sad.

    After the impossible turn, it seem poor weight and balance contribute to more crashes with fatalities than any other direct pilot mistake.

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