Aviation Photo of the Day: Skyline!

I know I’ve posted skyline photos here before, but flying the Chicago skyline is always rewarding and it often generates a good photo op. The routing is easy, ATC is always friendly, and the view is phenomenal…if you fly in Chicagoland, you need to take this trip.

Skyline, as seen from my trusty Archer

Skyline, as seen from my trusty Archer

My usual route takes me from 06C down over 1C5, then under the MDW class C to GAGME; then up the shoreline to VPFTS, OBK, and back home. You can take the Eisenhower Transition and thread the needle between MDW and ORD’s airspace; it’s a tight squeeze but it’s done all the time. Before I leave Chicago I will fly the Eisenhower.

Some local pilots seem scared of ATC, but I always get VFR flight following from Chicago Approach on 119.35 over 1C5; they’re busy, but even with furlough staffing, they always seem willing to help. I suspect they’d rather be talking to you then trying to guess what that VFR target is going to do next.

This trip I decided to get a little more extravagant. After my shot up the shoreline I flew out to Madison for a nice lunch at Pat O’Malley’s Jet Room. I’ve had the traditional $100 hamburger before, and even the less traditional but still delicious $100 Chicken and Waffles at KSPG; but this time I had the $100 Biscuits & Gravy and I have no regrets. My internist probably would not approve, but that’s why I don’t take him flying…

Departing from KMSN, headed Southeast.

Departing from KMSN, headed Southeast.

Happy skies and following winds, readers!



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