Aviation Photo of the Day: Dr. J’s Arrow!

Today’s aviation photo of the day comes courtesy of loyal reader Dr. J, who sent me this photo of him and his custom-painted Piper Arrow! She’s a beautiful bird, with a beautiful paint job. Behold:

Dr. J and his Arrow

Dr. J and his Arrow


Cool, eh? Here is a neat photo taken from the Arrow, which shows us Jacksonville Landing and the St. John’s River, which is the only river in the Northern hemisphere apart from the Nile that flows south to north. Hang out with Dr. J long enough and you’ll learn some neat stuff.

Photo by Dr. J

Photo by Dr. J


From Dr. J:

I’ve been flying the Arrow for many years! I remember the first time I saw it, parked between two less impressive planes on the ramp. I had flown to another airport with two of my former flight instructors to make the buy/no-buy deal. Seeing the plane was a mixture of excitement and trepidation, as making the step from new pilot to actually owning my own aircraft lay before me.I knew I would be buying some plane. Once my mind crossed that gap, it was only a matter of time. I had scoured the for sale pages in the trade magazines and found this very potential candidate.We met the plane broker, talked for a while, and then the four of us climbed in, me in the left seat, reserved only for the pilot. After going through the checklist, we cranked it up and off we went. It was fast, much faster than the smaller, less-powerful trainer planes I was used to. The added speed was a little frightening! Very soon that first flight was over and I had a lighter wallet, but my own airplane. The Arrow has changed a little over the years. I’ve done speed and engine modifications, new avionics and a custom paint job that, as an artist, I designed. It’s my one-of-a-kind bird!

Thanks, Dr. J! I appreciate the contribution and I wish you many happy hours in the Arrow. Fly on!


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