Stand By for the AT-SAT…

In order to become an air traffic controller in the United States, one must take and pass the AT-SAT exam. The AT-SAT is the civil service entry examination for air traffic controllers.

The AT-SAT consists of a day-long battery of examinations, mostly psychological in nature. The test includes games designed to test spatial awareness and situational awareness, tests to determine if applicants can recognize angles or read dials, and applied math.

Applicants can take the AT-SAT once every three years. Since the FAA will not hire applicants over the age of 31, I…at the ripe old age of 28…will get only one chance to take the AT-SAT. A score of 85 or greater makes an applicant “well qualified,” a score of 70 to 84 makes one “qualified,” and a score of less than 70 means you are not qualified.

Realistically, qualified applicants will be hired after well qualified applicants. As an “old” CTI student it is imperative that I score in the well qualified range.

That said, the posting here this week may be a little light as I am scheduled to take the AT-SAT this Friday. While the exam is mostly psychological in nature, and you either have the skills or not, I feel that I should spend the week studying up and taking practice exams. Posting may be light, but it will be back on track after the exam.

Meantime, enjoy this cool photo from my recent sunset flight, and stay tuned for more cool photos and aviation thoughts here on Airplanology!



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