From the Sun n Fun: Piaggio Royal Gull

From my friend Julie at the Sun n Fun, enjoy this picture of a Piaggio P.136 Royal Gull!

Piaggio Royal Gull

Piaggio Royal Gull

Built by the Italian firm Piaggio (who are still making a sexy twin-pusher) in the late 1940’s for maritime patrol and rescue missions, the Royal Gull is a rare sight to see. Wikipedia claims that 63 were built; I can’t corroborate that anywhere else at the moment, but that seems plausible…

I have only ever seen one Royal Gull myself, at Oshkosh 2012; I wonder if this is the same P.136 at Sun n Fun.

Thanks to Julie V. for the photo!

If you have a photo from Sun n Fun you’d like to share, let me know! Drop by my facebook page, tweet @airplanology, or email airplanology at gmail dot com!



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