Human Factors in 150 Words Or Less: Fatigue

I planned to write more about fatigue, but I was tired…

Fatigue is a creeping, insidious pilot killer that impairs judgment and delays reaction time.

Fatigue is mental and physical. Your body may feel fine but your brain is in a fog. You may not even notice, inoculated by fatigue in your everyday life: “I feel like this all the time.”

But the bottom line is that flying while fatigued will make you an aerial hazard to yourself, your passengers, and ground-dwellers below.

If you’re feeling sleepy, exhausted, overtired, or stressed out: take a nap. A 15 or 20 minute cat nap can refresh you. If napping is not an option, fly again another day.

After all, you’ve got nothing to prove. Better to stay on the ground and take a nap than to sleep forever in a burning wreck.


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