Aviation Photo of the Day: T-28 “13 Cat”

The North American T-28 Trojan is one of my favorite airshow planes. She is portly yet aesthetically pleasing and sufficiently fast but not lightning quick. Her Wright Cyclone, 9 radial cylinders belching out 1425 horsepower, will deafen you and vibrate the very marrow in your bones. The T-28 is loud, pudgy, and gruff, and I love her for it.


13 Cat

13 Cat


This particular T-28 was spotted at Airventure 2012. The blue and gold looks fantastic on this portly airframe, and the logo (a black cat labeled 13 Cat) throws superstition to the wind. This particular airframe is one of a few T-28’s that saw actual combat as a close air support aircraft; a departure from the typical use of the T-28 as a pilot maker.

This plane now flies with pilot Paul “Badger” Walter as part of the Trojan Horsemen, who put on a hell of a show. Next time they’re coming to an airshow near you, go see them and bask in the glory of the T-28!





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