Aviation Photo of the Day: RV Glow!

You’ve heard of the RV Smile, the look on a builder’s face when they sit in the pilot’s seat of their brand-new RV and grin ear-to-ear at what they’ve accomplished. After the RV smile comes the RV glow, the overall sensation of happiness and accomplishment that seems to accompany many of these masterful aircraft.

And today, we see a literal RV glow. Brent Owens, author of the fabulous iFLYblog.com, a flying blog for pilots, builders, and owners, has contributed today’s APOD. It’s a beautiful photo of Brent’s RV-8 banking into the setting sun.





Sunrise and sunset are especially beautiful times to fly. Long shadows, intense lights, bright colors, and still air combine to make early and late day flying exceptionally vibrant. Add in an RV-8…and you’ve got pilot heaven.


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