Aviation Photo of the Day: Grampians

Today’s APOD takes us across the globe to Melbourne, Australia! From Twitter friend Evan Schoo comes this photo, shot from the cockpit of a Tecnam P93.


The scenery and the mountains are part of Australia’s Grampians National Park, near Melbourne.

The Grampians are a huge expanse of wild land, preserved and cultivated to provide an awesome place to get outside and live life. The local area offers some of Melbourne’s finest food and culture to boot. The Grampians also happen to provide a lovely scenic backdrop for those of us fortunate enough to be able to fly.

I’ve never been to Australia but it’s on my short list of travel destinations. One could spend months wandering that massive continent nation, exploring from Perth to Sydney to Melbourne and anywhere in between. And General Aviation¬†provides a wonderful window into the world. Traveling broadens the mind; seeing the world from above broadens the soul. Getting to see what my fellow pilots see on the other side of the planet is a treat for me, and I hope to someday get this unique perspective on the fantastic land that is Australia myself.


Special thanks to Evan Schoo for the use of this photo!


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