Awesome Aviation Resume!

As someone who is trying to break into the aviation industry, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my resume. It’s tricky business: you want to be eye-catching but not annoying, brief but not understated, boastful without bragging. Resume writing is a tricky business.

Twitter friend Amanda Sargent has gotten it right. I saw this amazing resume on her Twitter feed recently, and I had to steal it. With her permission, here is her excellent resume:

BEVm1IVCAAESDaR.jpg-largeWow. This might be the single best idea I have ever seen for an aviation resume. Eye-catching, relevant to the field, contains all the vital stats and makes me smile.

If I was an HR guy, or a helo operator looking for a qualified pilot in the Pacific Northwest, I’d be on the phone in a second. And if YOU are a helicopter operator in the Pacific Northwest who needs a skilled, intelligent helicopter pilot, you should call Ms. Sargent right away!




One thought on “Awesome Aviation Resume!

  1. Pilots, try not to share this with everyone you know. I certainly plan on using this idea as with you and would rather everyone not start doing it! Thanks!

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