Super STOL Update: Just Aircraft

As you may recall, I recently spent some time here waxing poetic about the STOL capabilities of the Cessna Skywagon. Having witnessed a Skywagon make a 150-foot landing rollout from the tower at Chicago Executive, I was quite impressed!

But then loyal reader Ken R. pointed out to me that a 150-foot landing roll was not really STOL…THIS is STOL:

Daaaang. I’ve seen Helicopters take longer landing rolls than that. The aircraft you’ve just seen is the Just Aircraft SuperSTOL. With a specially designed wing, automatically deploying leading-edge slats, huge flaps and some beefy hydraulic struts, the SuperSTOL lives up to its name. I don’t know of any other kit-built aircraft that uses leading-edge devices, or that has this kind of awesome landing roll. Here’s an inside view showing the slats deploying in flight and a short-field landing in the SuperSTOL:

So…much as I still love the Skywagon, it would seem that the Just Aircraft SuperSTOL has taken the lead in terms of awe-inspiring STOL capability.


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