Aviation Photo of the Day: Thunderbirds (Stop the Sequester!)

From my photo archives, the USAF Thunderbirds as seen at the always awesome Sun-n-Fun fly in!



The Thunderbirds are one of the finest flying teams in the world today. Their close-in formation flying and precision team aerobatics are amazing. The level of precision with which they fly is inspiring. The maneuvers they perform are splendid demonstrations of how beautiful the interaction between man and machine can be when it is done right.

Sadly, the Thunderbirds and the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels may find their ability to perform hampered by congressional ineptitude. The dreaded Sequester is slated to go into effect on March 1, with across-the-board spending cuts eviscerating the capabilities of much of the federal government.

While we can all agree that federal spending needs to be controlled, Sequester is a terrible way to achieve this goal. Universal cuts that hack across all departments and most programs will be harmful to the country. My own aspirations to be an air traffic controller could be harmed as Sequester is going to cut about $600 million from the FAA budget. There are whisperings of a hiring or training freeze, and of controller furlough…not good for me or the traveling public.

If Congress were more like the Thunderbirds, they would work together to achieve a common goal. The Thunderbirds don’t all get to be Thunderbird One; but even Thunderbird Seven, on the ground, is an integral part of the team. They don’t always fly the same direction, but they always work together, and even when they’re flying diverging courses they work as a team.

Instead, Congress is like a mid-air collision: two parties at cross purposes who fail to communicate and therefore end up ruining lives and destroying lots of valuable things. If our congress could learn to work together, or at LEAST to make a reasonable compromise, our nation would be that much stronger.

Keep our country strong and our demo teams flying! Write your congressman today and tell them that compromise is an art that will make us all stronger. Stop the Sequester and let’s get America back on track.


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