Bombers over Arizona

Nothing I can say will make this any more awesome.

This…is something I need to experience in person before I die.


2 thoughts on “Bombers over Arizona

  1. Ben, Thanks for the awesome B17 vid. Reminds me of the videography used in 16 Right… Most awesome. A retired AF general who once owned a B25 based in Detroit took his plane all over selling rides. I took 2 days off work when he was in Akron. Got a chance to ride the waste that included a trek back to the tail gunners position. The next day bought a right seat ticket up front. He let me fly his B25 just after wheels up for about 35 minutes till just after entering the pattern. One of the most awesome flying experiences. I had tears streaming realizing kids got killed in these planes. I don’t know what was more difficult… trying to maintain my composure and/or do a respectable job flying his plane… And with waist passengers running back and forth to the tail. An opportunity us common pilots will never see again I’m afraid… Glad I could do it!!!

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