PC-6 Bush Flying in Indonesia

Whenever I think of ‘bush flying,’ my mind automatically flies Northwest, to the coves and airstrips of rural Alaska and Canada. The snow-capped mountains, shadowed valleys, and rugged airstrips carved out of the wilderness appeal to something primal in my pilot soul, and I frequently find myself daydreaming of flying the Alaskan bush.

But the world is a huge place, and Alaska isn’t the final frontier. There are a lot of bush pilots out there who fly in some amazing places that I would never have dreamed of. One such bush pilot is the dashing and heroic English expat Matt Dearden, who flies a Pilatus PC-6 in the backwaters of Indonesia.

Steep terrain? Jagged mountains? Wild weather swings, and miles and miles of jungle wilderness? The scenery is beautiful, the airstrips are rough, and the mission is important. It’s the very essence of bush flying. And it’s all in a day’s work…for Matt Dearden, bush pilot.

Pilatus PC-6 Bush Flying – Timika, Papua from Matt Dearden on Vimeo.

Borneo bush flying in a Pilatus PC-6 Porter from Matt Dearden on Vimeo.

Ladies and gentlemen…THAT is flying.


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