Aviation Photo of the Day: Beautiful RV-8!

Today’s aviation photo is pulled deep from the archives. I give you, from Sun n Fun Past, a gorgeous green RV-8!


Maybe the photo’s a little off center, but I really like the paint on this. The shade of green is unique and eye-catching and the white keeps it from being ‘too much.’ The swoosh suggests speed, which works well as this little monster can hit 220+ knots with a 200-horse engine.

Even if you opt for a less beastly 160hp engine, you can still hit 200+ knots. The RV-8 is +6/-3G capable, so it can do aerobatics. It can carry two souls plus bags, which is nice; you can bring a friend for the ride of a lifetime, bring a Special Friend for a weekend getaway, or bring an instructor to learn how to harness the awesome aerodynamics of Mr. VanGrunsven’s design.

The RV’s are all masterfully designed airplanes, and this one in particular caught my eye. Many kudos to the builder of this fine machine.



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