Aviation Photo of the Day: Illinois countryside

Today’s aviation photo of the day is a photo I took yesterday while flying.

The sun was above a cloud layer, and the way the light was coming through the striations in the clouds was really pretty and interesting. There were areas of light and dark, and shafts of light poking through the clouds in places.

Among my photos was this shot of the Illinois countryside. I live in suburban Chicago, and it’s pretty much all buildings here. But take off from 06C and fly West for twenty minutes and all you can see are fields. If I ever had the dreaded in-flight engine failure, I’d rather have it here than close to the home field because there are hundreds and hundreds of let-down sites.

Illinois wintertime scenery

Illinois wintertime scenery

For more photos from my trip yesterday, check out my Flickr stream! And for more aviation-related links, stories, and photos, check us out on Facebook too!


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