The Ultimate Resolution!

It’s that time of year again. Waistlines bursting from holiday food, heads swimming from holiday parties and the busy beat of the season, we solemnly resolve to do better this year than we did in the last. We’ll lose twenty pounds, or quit sniffing glue, or be nicer to our spouses or something. Resolutions are well intended, but…

…most of our resolutions are doomed to fail. The human organism is remarkably resistant to change. But FEAR NOT! For I have found the ultimate new years resolution.

You should learn to fly! There are at least ten good reasons to make this your new year’s resolution. Here goes:

10: Flying will improve your self-discipline. Many new year’s resolutions focus on improving self-discipline. Weight loss, abandonment of bad habits, improvement of good habits…these all require self-discipline, and so does flying. Learning to operate a flying machine gives you a powerful incentive to learn well and be disciplined because failure to fly well can be disastrous.

9: You’ll learn to think fast. Good pilots always stay ahead of their airplane. They are vigilant, watching the instruments and watching their course to make sure that the flight progresses as planned. Learning to fly will teach you to manage complex systems while thinking ahead of the game, and that is useful in ANY walk of life.

8: Pilots are sexy. Okay, maybe not all of us are in a physical sense. But! Flying teaches self-confidence, and feeling self-confident can make you more attractive. Once you learn how to fly an airplane you realize that with hard work and dedication you can learn to do almost anything. That confidence makes you a hot commodity.

7: Pilots are smart and we’re not usually afraid to tell you so. When you learn to fly, you will learn about aerodynamics, physics, wings, engines, navigation, geography, electronics, meteorology, and law. The mere act of obtaining one’s private pilot certificate encompasses a vast and diverse education in many different fields. Learning to fly will sharpen your brains.

6: Pilots have cool toys. I don’t know about you but I love gadgets and charts and stuff. Pilots always have the coolest toys: GPS devices, iPads, headsets, radios, charts, plotters…we get to play with a lot of neat toys. You don’t HAVE to be a pilot to play wit gadgets, but it’s the best excuse to do so.

5: Flying is fun for the whole family! Once you have your pilot’s license, you can bring your friends and family flying. You could fly to a romantic weekend getaway, take an aerial tour of your hometown, or go out for the traditional $100 hamburger. And if you’re looking for a great date with someone, a flight in a light airplane is memorable and fun.

4: Flying can be a useful business tool. If you’re a businessperson, flying can be a great way to expand your horizons. You can get to meetings on your own schedule, dispatch support personnel directly to where they are needed, and avoid the airline hassle by flying yourself. Disclaimer: don’t fall victim to “get-there-itis.”

3: Flying can be humanitarian. Many pilots volunteer for charitable flying organizations, such as Angel Flight or Pilots ‘n’ Paws. You can use your airplane to fly people to medical appointments, to ferry animals to new homes, or to deliver supplies to areas in need after natural disasters. The GA pilot has an opportunity to do good that few other people have.

2: You will see sights that nobody else gets to see. Pilots have a unique window on the world. Watching the sun set from your airplane is an amazing and breathtaking experience. Seeing the world from above changes your perspective on where you live and shows you the world in a new way. Flying at dawn, dusk, or at night can be incredible; flying during the day offers it’s own unique visual treats. You will see spectacular things.

1: Flying is just awesome! What other hobby or passion lifts you free of the surly bonds of earth while making you a better rounded, better educated, more skilled person? Where else can you watch the sun set over the city at 3,000 feet, or see the landscape from 1,000 feet above? Flying is beautiful, it is fun, it enriches your life, and if you don’t do it you’re missing out on something truly special. Take the reins and learn to fly in 2013.

You’ll be glad you did!


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