Aviation Photo of the Day: Alps!

P1010469.JPG by flightlevel150
P1010469.JPG, a photo by flightlevel150 on Flickr.

Courtesy of good Twitter friend and Flickr compatriot Etienne comes this beautiful photo.

As someone who flies over the flatlands of northern Illinois, I am intensely envious of this beautiful scenery.

Don’t get me wrong. Illinois from the air is pretty in its own way. But it is very flat, and after you get away from Chicago, it’s mostly large swathes of agriculture.

I’ve always craved the excitement and eye-candy of mountain flying. I dream of someday transiting the Rockies from the southern US into Canada, and then shooting down the Alaska coast and through the Cascades. The photos from such adventures that I have seen are amazing, but this photo from the Alps puts many of them to shame.

Many thanks to @FL150 for the use of this photo.


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