Airplane Photo of the Day: N6686L, a Lake with a Lizard!

From my time spent planespotting at Winter Haven Airport (KGIF) comes this awesome Lake amphib with a spectacular lizard adorning the nose!


I have a deep-seated love for the Lake amphib. It’s the perfect recreational airplane! You can pack lunch and a few friends and fly out of your hangar to a remote lakeshore to have a picnic lunch, or you can buzz out to your buddy’s cabin on the water. You can commute from pavement to pavement or escape to a remote body of water. Unlike after-market amphibs, you don’t have to put on or take off huge floats, and you don’t have their aerodynamic penalty. The gull-wing doors are perfect for cruising around on the water and letting the breeze into the cabin, or for fishing out of the cockpit.

All that PLUS it just looks cool. And if you can get an awesome lizardy livery like this guy has, you’re on top of the world.


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