Indispensable Apps for the Aviator: Part II

Yesterday I talked about some of my favorite aviation apps for my iDevices. Today, I’d like to share a few more that I love.  These are maybe not “indispensable,” but they still get a lot of use.

  1. LiveATC. LiveATC is a web servicethat allows you to stream ATC audio in near-real-time. Volunteers set up radio feeds, and LiveATC sends the data to you. There are thousands of towers, approach controls, and center feeds spread all across the planet on this website. You can eavesdrop on the British accents at LHR and then switch feeds and hear the southern drawl of a controller in Atlanta, all from the comfort of your couch. You can listen at your local airport or at a huge mega international airport. I sometimes watch the planes flying into ORD while listening to the approach feed on my porch.  How cool is THAT?

    LiveATC’s iPhone interface. Well worth the two bucks.

  2. Trade-a-Plane. As a rental pilot I dream of the freedom of owning my own airplane…and then I have nightmares about the cost of maintaining it. If I’m feeling particularly lusty for a flying machine to call my own, I’ll open up my trade-a-plane app and see what’s for sale out there. There are a ton of airplanes on the market, and it’s fun to window-shop. Lots of birds for less than 30 grand out there…bargains!
  3. Flight Control and Airport Madness. Okay, strictly speaking these are games, not apps. But if you’re kicked back in the FBO waiting for gas or weather, why not spend some time playing pretend airplanes? You can imagine the life of a tower controller and see how long you last before you have a “mishap.” Other good games are App Control and, of course, X-Plane.

    Flight Control. Silly, yet addictingly fun.

  4. 7110.65. Pilots should all be familiar with the FAR/AIM, but the 7110 –  the air traffic controller’s bible – is a mystery. Lucky for you it’s available for free $2.99 in the App Store. While the 7110 is written in “FAA English,” it can provide the pilot with useful insights about why controllers do the things they do the way they do them. As an aspiring ATC this app is a great reference tool, and as a private pilot it’s neat to know what’s going on on the other end of the microphone. Pilots and controllers need to understand one another. This app will help you grow a deeper appreciation of our NAS.

This is by no means a comprehensive listing. I’m sure there are many more awesome aviation apps out there. If you’d like to tell me about a neat aviation app, leave a comment, tweet me @bendrt, or drop a line on my facebook page!

The author has received no compensation for mentioning any of these apps. Developers take note: bribes (and beta-testing opportunities) are always welcome. 


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