Flying all week!

This week is a rare treat for me in that I get to go flying more than once!

Usually, due to my budget and my schedule, I fly about once every two weeks. That’s just at the margin of being often enough to stay current and proficient. While I am pleased that I get to fly at all, I do wish I had the resources (time and money) to get aloft more often.

Tomorrow, I will be finishing my rental checkout at Chicago Executive in their Beech Sundowner. The Beech is a fun airplane to fly, and I plan to use it to build cross-country time before I start my instrument rating as it has an extra few knots of groundspeed that the Archer lacks. I’ll be able to take those mandatory 50+ mile cross-countries and stay relatively within my budget, which is important. The big issue I had in the Beech was landing it, but I’ve been studying the numbers and I think I can ace this tomorrow. If not, I’ll just have to go up with the instructor some more…no shame in learning until you get it right, especially with a potentially lethal hobby like this.

Wednesday, I’ll be heading to Schaumburg to take the Archer flying again. My currency is good at the Schaumburg FBO for 45 days, but I’m right at 30 days and that’s about as long as I’m comfortable going without logging time in the airframe. Much longer and I’d want to bring a CFI; bringing an instructor is fun but it jacks the price of an hour in the air an extra 50 bucks.

Tuesday’s flight will be extremely local, just in the pattern at PWK. Wednesday I have a little more freedom, and I’ve been contemplating what to do with my airtime; I could go practice air work, take a 50nm cross country, or fly the skyline. I’m leaning towards a cross country, but the beauty of GA flying is that you have the freedom to go where you please. I’ll keep you posted here once I decide where I am going!


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