Aviation Photo of the Day: Duggy!

It’s Duggy, the smile in the sky!


I guess technically here he is the smile on the ramp. But he smiles when he flies, too. This happy DC-3 served as a jump plane for skydivers at Oshkosh this summer. Duggy is an iconic airplane. Easily recognizable and one of a kind, the smiling Skytrain has been a staple at aviation events across the nation.

Duggy is (was) owned by the late legendary aviator Bob Odegaard, who was recently killed in a tragic plane crash. After Mr. Odegaard’s passing, there are whisperings that Duggy might be confined to a museum static display, or perhaps sold. Bear in mind I do not have any actual information about what will become of this airplane; this is sheer speculation.

I love the spirit that this plane gives off. A bright and happy color, a smile painted across the nose, and the nose-up attitude of those old taildraggers make Duggy a great icon of the joy of flight. In a world where aviation has become bland airliners and high-powered toys that are more “system” than “airplane,” Duggy reminds us of the simple pleasure of escaping gravity and fulfilling mans ancient dream. He taps into the primal soul of the aviator in a way that a flashier, more modern machine just can’t.

Here’s hoping that Duggy, the smile in the sky, keeps on flying for many years to come.


2 thoughts on “Aviation Photo of the Day: Duggy!

  1. That’s all kinds of cool! There’s not really all that many planes out there with this degree of personality in their designs that you can paint a big smile on them and have it look like it fits. I’ve also seen smiles like this painted on 737s and it works well on them too.

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