C23 Checkout Tomorrow!

Tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 I’m slated to finish my biennial flight review by getting checked out in the Beech Sundowner!

I’m pretty excited about this. Due to inclement weather and wallet conditions I haven’t been able to fly in a couple of weeks. Getting airborne with an instructor will be a fun and educational way to pass the afternoon and expand my flying knowledge.

I’ve been brushing up on the V-speeds of the C23. Rotate at 60, Vx 69, Vy 75, best glide 78, cruise climb 82, Va 118, and Vno 136. The Beech is a faster cruiser than what I’m used to flying, and that stretch between maneuvering and cruising speed is wider than what I’m used to. I guess a lot of people train in high-performance machines like the Cirrus and the Diamond these days, but the bulk of my hours are in ancient trainers that putt along well shy of the 100-knot line. The extra speed will be nice for building cross-country time.

My instructor specifically mentioned that we’d doing ground-reference maneuvers. I practiced turns around a point a couple of weeks ago but haven’t done any S-turns in a long time. It will be a good refresher to do these things again. I’m reasonably confident that she’ll be pulling my power once or twice too, so I need to mentally practice my emergency landing techniques. Lucky for me I went up in the Archer a few weeks ago for a rental checkout and the CFI for that flight did a lot of these things with me.


Naturally, I’ll be bringing my trusty GoPro camera along with me. Someone thoughtfully installed a mount in the airplane, so I’ll be able to record the successes and follies of my training flight and share them with you here. The weather is calling for a decent day with marginal (for Chicago) winds, and I’m excited to go up and spend some more time in the sky. Hopefully I like the Beech and the Beech likes me. Stay tuned!



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