Aviation Photo of the Day: Balloons

Those of you who know me know I used to live in central Maine. Maine’s a great place to fly, with lots of beautiful scenery, remote floatplane destinations, and scenic coastal airport destinations to be visited.

It is also home to the Great Falls Balloon Festival, a gathering of hot-air balloons and balloonists which occurs every year in Lewiston, Maine, at the Great Falls on the Androscoggin river*.

One day, while in my apartment in Lewiston, I heard a loud WHOOMP noise echoing across the landscape. Silence followed; birds sang; a car went by. And then another WHOOMP. On investigation, there were several balloons floating low over my apartment as the daylight slowly faded out. I ran for my camera and managed to snag a few shots of a balloon drifting in to land somewhere up the road from me.

Click the photos to embiggen the gallery. 

Most of this blog focuses on powered flight, but the romance and beauty of ballooning is very appealing. Nothing but you, the whims of the winds aloft, and your chase team far below. What an awesome way to fly.


*Formerly known as “the only river that would catch fire if it moved slower.” It’s better now. Mostly.


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