Towing the Howard DGA…on floats!

When I attended Sun n Fun a number of years ago, I found myself quite enamored of the seaplane base. Seeing the unique float planes and amphibians all clustered together in an open field next to a sparsely populated lake brought to my mind the very essence of personal aviation, the freedom to go anywhere we please more or less unmolested.

When I went to Airventure this year, I made it a point to walk all the way to seaplane parking and then catch a bus out to the seaplane base on Lake Winnebago. The seaplane base was cool, although it was harder to see the airplanes than at Sun n Fun because rather than park them on the grass the aircraft were moored in a lagoon. There was a boat you could ride out to experience the flight line in the water, but due to time constraints I passed my chance at a boat tour and returned to camp.

I did get to wondering how they got all the planes moored so neatly, and on my way out I got to see for myself. A Howard DGA (Damn Good Airplane, also known as the Ensign Eliminator for it’s unforgiving habits towards naval pilots) landed and taxiied to the dock. After a brief discussion with the pilot, the OSH volunteers hooked it up to…a Damn Good Tug (DGT.)


The fancy-pants Water Tug at the seaplane base at Oshkosh.


There you have it. A Damn Good Airplane being towed to moor by a Damn Good Tug.


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