Aviation Photo of the Day: Westland WG.13 Lynx

For today’s random aviation photo, I give you the Westland WG.13 Lynx:

A Westland WG.13 Lynx operated by the Dutch navy, as seen in action on the rural island of Curacao.

The Westland Lynx was first manufactured in 1971 under a joint agreement between Aerospatiale and Westland. Primarily made for the British and French armed services, the Lynx entered service in 1977 and has since been adopted by a number of armed forces. This particular Lynx is operated by the Dutch Navy, who designate it the SH-14D.

The Lynx can be used as a troop transporter for up to 10 soldiers, or it can be turned into an aerial weapons platform carrying 8,000 to 10,000 pounds worth of hellfire missiles, cannon or rocket pods, TOWs, or machine guns. The Lynx is also usable for search-and-rescue missions, and has been converted for anti-submarine warfare roles. This particular Lynx was likely configured as a submarine hunter since she was paired with a Destroyer when I spotted her.

The Lynx comes with a variety of powerplants and typically cruises at about 140 knots. A specially designed Lynx held set the world helicopter speed record at 216 knots in 1986. The record stood until Sikorsky recently surpassed it with the experimental X2.

Not only is the Lynx fast, it’s aerobatic! Check these videos out.


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